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Schroth Method

The Schroth Method is an exercise-based program which addresses scoliosis and kyphosis curvatures three-dimensionally to help:

  • Stop or slow curve progression
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase vital capacity
  • Improve posture and appearance
  • Maintain improved posture lifelong
  • Avoid surgery

The Schroth Method is a physiotherapeutic treatment system which uses isometric and other exercises to strengthen or lengthen asymmetrical muscles in a scoliotic body. Its goals are to halt the progression of abnormal spinal curvature, and in the best case to reverse the curves.

The system of exercises for scoliosis was developed in the 1920s by Katharina Schroth (1894-1985). And further developed by her daughter Christa Lehnert-Schroth. By the 1960s, the Schroth Method had become the standard non-surgical treatment for scoliosis in Germany. Schroth treatment is currently supported in Germany by the federal health insurance system. And German orthopedic surgeons routinely refer patients for Schroth scoliosis exercise therapy. A modern historical perspective on the Schroth Method and bracing which details the history can be found at

Clinical Studies of Scoliosis

In most cases, the goals listed above are achieved, at least in part. See the page listing Clinical Studies of Scoliosis for published reports on results obtained from hundreds of patients at Schroth clinics in Germany, Spain, and Turkey. Only a small percentage of Schroth patients elect to undergo surgery. This is all the more remarkable since patients at the Katharina Schroth Klinik in Germany are usually the more serious cases, referred by orthopedists.1

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