Equipment List: Schroth Immersion Patients only

Below are the products that are recommended, and will be utilized during the course of the physical therapy plan of care for Schroth Immersion patients.

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Our priority, our promise:
Our team will only ever recommend products and services that we actually use ourselves and believe them to be essential in our therapy services. If you do decide to make a purchase using these links, it won’t cost you any more than if you didn’t use the link and instead purchased the item directly from the same sites.

These products are intended for patients who are going through the Schroth Immersion therapy program at Graham Therapy and Fitness, P.A. and have been prescribed by their physical therapist.  
Special Circumstances: Patients may request alternative product suggestions from their therapist if they are physically unable to use a particular product.

Disclaimer: It will be the patient’s responsibility for the safe usage of the product and installation. It is the responsibility of the purchasing customer to follow all manufacturer’s instructions for use of equipment and installation. Graham Therapy and Fitness, P.A. will not be held responsible for equipment defects, nor failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.