Young adult professional

April 1st, 2019

Jen is an amazing physical therapist. I have scoliosis and thought I could not reduce it. However, after completing a therapy program (Schroth method plus Jen’s method) with Jen, my back is noticeably straighter, more elongated, and more symmetrical, and she has taught me how to continue to improve it. She also dramatically improved my posture and straightened my neck as well. I’m so happy with and grateful for the results!

Jen has scoliosis too (although I didn’t realize it until she told me, which is inspiring), so she understands the challenges I have and what I need to overcome them. She gives me the encouragement and support I need during the exercises to get the results I’m capable of. She is also so resourceful and dedicated; I’m a slow learner when it comes to exercises, but she always finds a way to get me to understand them. When I didn’t know how to activate a muscle (like a rib cage muscle that I didn’t know even existed) she found a way to teach me. When she observed a muscle was tight and interfering with my ability to achieve a posture, she took the time to loosen it.

What was most amazing though, was, from the amount of effort she put in to straighten my back and improve my posture, I could tell she genuinely cares and wants me to improve as much as possible. When she saw my neck needed therapy as well, she worked on that too even though she didn’t have to. She takes the time to explain why we do each exercise and teaches me so that I can continue the progress on my own. And, perhaps the most sweet – when I improve, she gets so excited and happy which is super encouraging. Jen is really such a nice person – I always enjoy our therapy sessions and getting to know her.

Finally, Jen has done so much for me not only physically, but mentally. I am no longer ashamed at my back but take pride in how much straighter I can make it if I work for it. I am so grateful to have her as my PT!