Father of Adolescent Patient

April 1st, 2019

My daughter was diagnosed at age 10 with an ‘S’ curve 38 & 25. She was young enough to brace since her bones were still growing. With bracing her curve changed to a “C’ curve that was up to 48 degree last yr. Of course we are trying to stay below the operable 50 degree line. So we were very nervous.

Now age 14, my daughter has been working hard at Schroth since September. And we just went for her yearly out of brace x-ray. This is the first time in 4 years that we saw reduction in her curve, we were thrilled that she now has a curve of 42 degrees! Her bones are about done growing and she can go to nightwear w/ the brace, but she will continue her Schroth.

Cosmetically my daughter looks good, the brace helped to do a lot of that, but there are some areas of symmetry that Schroth has now helped to balance out & definitely make a difference in her overall appearance. Schroth has made a big difference in her flexibility, strength, and body awareness. Some of the changes are actually measurable!

We went to all of my daughter’s Schroth sessions. At first it seemed very difficult, rigorous (I kept notes & tried to coach her)…..but now she conducts the entire workout on her own. She puts on a music and it becomes an important part of her day. I set up a room downstairs with large mirrors I got on sale at Lowes. I also built her stall-bars (like a wall ladder equip) you can buy them too. They take a few weeks to be delivered, so I built my own faster so she could apply her training asap

This is an amazing therapy that if nothing else, builds strength, flexibility & character. However, there is no question that is very effective in balancing out appearance & using the body’s muscles to brace against long term curve progression. We really appreciate Jen Graham’s ability as a therapist and her ability to connect with her patient. Her knowledge & onsite awareness are clearly inspirational for the patient/student who aspires to meet their goals.

If my daughter misses a workout she feels it. It has become part of her daily regimen.