Father of adolescent patient and physical therapist

April 1st, 2019

My daughter Celena had surgery for Scoliosis several years ago.  She was doing fine but started to develop a curve below her surgery.  Her posture started to change.  We did not want to go through another surgery.  I was put in contact with Jennifer.  Jennifer took a couple of calls with me and talked about her training and what she could do for Celena.  I am a physical therapist also, but I knew for my daughter’s well-being that I needed an expert.  After seeing the before and after pictures on Jennifer’s website, we decided to drive 4 hours to meet with her.  The experience was better than expected!  Jennifer took the time to explain the treatments she was going to do.  Most of all, I could tell that Celena was going to work well with Jennifer.  She has a very sweet personality.

After the first day of treatment, Jennifer showed my wife and I pictures of Celena and the difference that she could make.  We were so excited!

Jennifer worked one on one with Celena for three days in a row.  Celena has a very good understanding of the initial program laid out for her.  I couldn’t think of a better person to have working with Celena.  Jennifer is knowledgeable and caring.  We will be making the 4 hour one way drive a couple of more times to complete the program for Celena.  It is definitely worth it!  I would recommend Jennifer to anyone!  We cannot thank her enough for her compassion skill as a physical therapist.  Thanks Jen!