Kelly Alexander, DPT, SKPS-F, Pilates Instructor

Kelly Alexander is a certified Pilates Instructor with twelve years of experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She is a Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Posture Specialist-Fellow at Graham Therapy and Fitness, P.A.. Her experience spans the entire continuum of care, treating patients with diagnoses of orthopedic injury, spinal cord and brain injury, stroke, and amputation. Physical activity has always been a priority in her personal life. She is a lifelong equestrian and trains in Latin and Brazilian Dance.
Kelly’s interest in physical therapy and athletic training started in high school while volunteering at a therapeutic riding center and a sports medicine facility clinic. While studying for her B.S. in Kinesiology at University of Maryland, she taught group exercise classes and horseback riding lessons. After graduation, she became interested in the challenging and rewarding process of rehabilitation. She continued her education and received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.
She became certified in Pilates while working as a Physical Therapist in a hospital rehabilitation clinic. She was amazed by how Pilates exercises on the mat and apparatus were utilized in the clinic to evaluate and treat the entire body at once (not just the injured part), leading to profound and successful outcomes. She enjoys utilizing therapeutic Pilates in her treatment sessions as it can be modified and applied to any situation and ailment. Her personal practice of Pilates has helped her to become a better rider and dancer. She uses Pilates as a way to keep her safe and strong in order to continue dancing and riding for the rest of her life.
Continuing education and certifications: 
Microcurrent Point Stimulation Pain Management Certification
Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) I and II Certifications
Functional Manual Therapy (FM) 1 and 11: Institute of Physical Art
Scoliosis, Kyphosis, and Posture Specialist-Fellowship at Graham Therapy and Fitness, P.A.