Jennifer Graham, Physical Therapist

Jennifer Graham, Owner, PT, Certified Schroth PT, CSCI

Jennifer Graham is a Mother of two beautiful girls, a physical therapy practice owner, and a physical therapist who specializes in the treatment of scoliosis and other orthopedic injuries. She treats patients across the lifespan incorporating her background in orthopedics, manual therapy the Schroth method, and her own Scoliosis Specific Approach. Her background and creative thought process have contributed to the success of her patient outcomes.

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, Cum Laude from the School of Medicine at West Virginia University in 1998. In 2000, she completed her Master of Physical Therapy at Nova Southeastern University, graduating with Honors. While at Nova Southeastern University, she helped to lead the Philanthropy Committee. She was given the award “Outstanding Leadership and Devotion” for her dedication to philanthropy. One of her lead philanthropic activities included travel to a homeless shelter/transition house for families with small children, and building an after-school play group for them. She helped to organize fellow classmates to participate in volunteering their time, to assist with the playgroup activities.

In 2006, Jennifer had the opportunity to study the Katharina-Schroth method for conservative management of scoliosis in Barcelona, Spain with Dr. Manuel Rigo and Monica Villagrasa, P.T..

During her studies in Barcelona, she was amongst a select group of international physical therapists and physicians. She was honored to learn that she was one of the first six Schroth Certified Physical Therapists in the United States of America. She helped to pioneer the way, of bringing a new methodology for the conservative management of scoliosis and kyphosis to the States. When she returned from Barcelona, her patient’s came from the eastern half of the United States. It became apparent what a gift this was to bring this method to the States. Interestingly, while in her Schroth coursework, she was diagnosed with scoliosis herself, after years of it being missed. This personal connection of having scoliosis has given her a unique perspective and deeper insight into the diagnosis, which allows her to relate specifically to the challenges patients/clients face with scoliosis. She is grateful to have this specialty and is dedicated to all of her patients and clients.

As a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and of the Maryland Physical Therapy Association, Jennifer is committed to lifelong learning and pursues coursework for the continued evolution as a clinician.